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TOP Colour Cosmetic and packaging Co., Ltd. is a professional cosmetic and cosmetic packaging manufactures. We primarily focuses on make-up products such as lip gloss, nail polish , cosmetic kits etc. and packaging products such as tube, bottle and jar etc. Our products are widely export to various of countries around the world .

Costmetic : TOP Colour owns high-tech production lines and quality control facility .In order to make products keeping up with latest fashion trends, we have established the long-term technical cooperative relationships with Europe, America and Japan.We also meet the requirements of medicine matter laws and regulations of Japanese Ministry of Health, the EEC of Europe, and the FDA of America.

Cosmetic packaging :Topcolour owns international standard workshop, having introduced the excellent domestic & foreign production equipment .We use the best quality raw materials to produce marketing-oriented ,high- quality packaging products which are widely used in cosmetics, medicine, food and so on.  .

Insist the principle of ¡°honest and credit¡±, we aspire to establish long-term & friendly cooperation with all real clients and always manufacture & export  high quality products with competitive price to each of our clients.  




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